Residential and Estate Security

Alchemy can keep you, your family and home completely safe with our estate security service. Your circumstances are unique and our skilled security personnel have the deep, detailed knowledge of, and expertise in, the methods, technology and processes needed to protect you.

Who are our clients and what can we do for them?

There may be a number of reasons why your family, property and grounds may need protection, from burglary and disgruntled former employees, to cases of workplace violence. You might have to terminate a contract of employment with someone and escort them off the premises. You and your family may need shielding from members of the paparazzi, or protection from stalkers. We can help in all these cases.

Alchemy regularly provides training for family members who are going abroad with our clients, possibly to dangerous places, by teaching them how to stay vigilant and safe. Equally, some clients need help when transporting valuable assets, whatever those may be. We provide the extra protection needed to ensure that whatever is in transit reaches its final destination securely.

In short, Alchemy provides an all-encompassing security service allowing you and your family to sleep easy, safe in the knowledge that you’re completely protected.

Why choose us?

We understand that those who use our security services want to live their lives with the minimum of disturbance and interruption. Alchemy staff operate with the utmost discretion, and can be as visible or covert as your preference or dictated by the perceived level of threat. In either scenario everything you value is completely protected, and the beauty of your home is preserved at all times.

We do this by using a three-tiered security threat assessment, where we look at lighting and landscaping and how they could affect security;  including CCTV, motion sensor cameras, infra-red and more; and training your household staff in effective security protocols. It is only with this sort of very thorough risk assessment that we can really understand your security needs and come up with a precisely tailored solution.

Our staff

All our staff are personally recruited for their appearance and bearing and will be a valuable addition to your household. Greeting guests, receiving deliveries, keeping an accurate log of visitors and round the clock monitoring of any security systems that have been installed. Should the need arise we can supplement the residential team with additional officers in response to any incidents.

Our security teams are all SIA licensed close protection officers, many of which have a military or police background. All of them will have undergone screening in accordance with British Standard 7858:2013. Our teams are currently working with many high profile clients across the UK securing their homes and giving them reassurance at all times.

We have exacting standards of efficiency, customer service and quality, whatever the task in hand. Talk to Alchemy about your security needs today.