Protective Surveillance

Our protective surveillance service can be offered as part of an overall security package, or as a bespoke, standalone security measure designed to meet your requirements. Clients who have used our protective surveillance service to protect their security, include high net worth individuals, well-known sportsmen and women, government ministers, celebrities, and C-suite executives. Discreet, non-obtrusive, intelligence-led, and tactical, protective surveillance will appeal to individuals who have real and present personal security concerns, but want to carry on with normal, everyday life as much as possible, whether here in the UK or when travelling abroad.

What is protective surveillance?

One way to think of protective surveillance is as a non-overt form of close protection. In other words, you get the same benefits as having a personal bodyguard but without the highly visible presence of one or more by your side all the time. Our skilled operatives can act as family members, a companion, or domestic staff, maintaining a low profile but on hand to manage risk, ensure safe and speedy evacuation from an area if necessary, or face down a real threat when called upon to do so.

Operatives will also constantly monitor security from close proximity rather than from a distance, as is the case with classic surveillance, enabling them to respond quickly to changing circumstances, while at home or on the move. Some clients feel more comfortable with protective surveillance, as it offers practical protection without drawing undue – or unwelcome – attention. Depending on the country you are visiting, this type of security may also be more culturally acceptable, and help to avoid offending local sensitivities.

We work as a team

Our protection surveillance operatives provide you and your family with a close ring of protection, but to do this effectively they also have to be aware of the bigger picture. This can involve deploying operatives to carry out advance reconnaissance of a location, vet individuals you are meeting, manage travel arrangements and devise exit strategies. In short, we’ll do all we can to ensure you are protected at all times.

Our operatives

Top tier protective surveillance can only be delivered by dedicated and highly skilled operatives who are experienced at carrying out this type of specialist security work. All of our operatives – many of whom have trained with UK special forces, or have a police background – take great pride in the level of service they provide, whether deployed on a one-off assignment, or ensuring your protection for an extended period.