Corporate Security

We take a holistic approach to managing the varied security risks in an organisation through the application of globally established and accepted risk principles.

In the age of globalisation business is conducted in every corner of the world, from the most remote and hostile environments, far from home, where security is often minimal and infrastructure poor all the way through to the most cosmopolitan and developed cities. There is always a justifiable concern for the safety of you and your staff. You may also be worried about the security of the building or offices where you are based, the people you are hiring and other important operational issues.

Perhaps you’d like to know more about your potential business partners and want assurances on supply chain security. These are all legitimate concerns and, if unresolved, can seriously compromise your ability to operate in existing locations and make the most of new and emerging markets. This is where the expertise of Alchemy Global can help. We offer complete Enterprise Security Risk Management  (ESRM) solutions designed to address all aspects of security management: physical, cyber, information, loss prevention, asset management, threat management, resilience, workplace violence, fraud, brand protection, travel safety, and so on.

Following a meeting with our experienced consultants, we will design a security package that meets your exact needs that reduce and mitigate risks wherever you are in the world.

Travel management

Before travelling, we offer in-house training for staff that is adapted to the country where you are doing business and sensitive to local etiquette and protocol. We can help expedite clearance through immigration and customs at certain airports and provide secure transportation to and from the airport as well as between venues. Thanks to our trusted network of overseas operatives, where necessary,we can provide locally sourced bespoke intelligence.

On the ground

We will help to ensure your operational resilience and continuity wherever you are doing business and for as long as you need. Our services include physical penetration testing of buildings to highlight any potential security weaknesses and recommending how these can be mitigated. We can run discreet background checks on business partners and carry out due diligence on investment opportunities, business acquisitions and mergers. Where required, we can vet local staff so you know exactly who you are hiring. We can also conduct ethical penetration testing of the IT systems and deploy technical surveillance counter-measures to stop competitors eavesdropping on sensitive meetings.

On-site protection and training

We provide protection for senior management and staff on site whenever necessary such as in periods of local unrest, during industrial action, forced redundancy programmes and/or closing down of operational sites. We can also train staff in a full spectrum of courses including conflict management, physical intervention, safe use of social media, and first aid.

Call us today to find out more about how our corporate security services could have a positive effect on your business.